Logic underlies many aspects of computer science, similarly to the way laws of gravity underly many aspects of the physical world. From early discoveries of the 30’s that the computations by the Turing Machine correspond to the computations expressed by means of lambda-calculus, to the state-of-the art research in the modern programming languages and their semantics — the interplay between applied computing and the underlying logical principles remains one of the most fascinating aspects of Computer Science.

We focus on research into the following areas:

  • Graph Theory and Algorithms
  • Computational Logic and Proof Theory
  • Functional Programming languages and Automated Theorem Provers
  • Type Inference in Programming Languages
  • Verification by means of Automated and Interactive Theorem Proving
  • Constraint Satisfaction Problems
  • Logic Programming and Constraints
  • Logic and Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning methods in the above
  • Differential Privacy
  • Practical Dependent Types Google+